Today, AI Driller not only builds self-drilling applications for the rig, but also an infinitely scalable data platform to allow Drilling Engineers to generate operational instructions and send them directly to the rig edge system. AI Driller believes the sooner we stop relying on the best crews and equipment in the field, the easier it will be to scale up high performance, consistent operations in the future.

Our first product, Rotary Assistant unveiled AI Driller’s cutting-edge drilling data processing technology and real-time automation of the conventional Auto-Driller. We automate WOB target setting, based on data from rig surface sensors. From there, AI Driller designed the world’s first ever autonomous directional module from the ground up – Sliding Assistant, which automates the sliding operations with a steerable drilling motor. Combining drilling performance and efficiency, Rotary Assistant and Sliding Assistant will redefine the world’s expectations for rig automation.

This is just the beginning. In keeping with a fast-growing technology company, all free cash flow is going back into R&D to bring the follow-on products to market and expand our existing modules to other control systems as quickly as possible. When you use our Rotary Assistant or Sliding Assistant, you are helping the development of the cutting-edge Directional Drilling platform of the future.

AI Driller was founded in 2017 by a group of oil and gas professionals who wanted to prove that the majority of directional drilling operations on the rig can be automated without loss of performance and consistent across the entire fleet. We believe that directional drilling in most cases can be done better, faster, and safer for the crew and environment.

The initial product of AI Driller is a rotary drilling control automation system called the Rotary Assistant. However, some readers may not be aware of the fact that our long-term plan is to build a wide range of self-drilling modules and agents to close the loop for full directional drilling automation. Our main goal is to help expedite the industry move from conventional drilling practices towards autonomous operations worldwide, which we believe to be one of the key steps towards sustainable energy of the future.

Our primary concern is for the safety of the field crews working on the rig. Our safety goal is to continually improve the quality of our products and modules to decrease the probability of human injuries and environmental incidents at the rig site by automating operations and proactive identification and prevention of the drilling risks, which allows drillers to be more focused on operational safety.

Based on the Emulator testing so far, our Rotary Assistant and Sliding Assistant in many cases can prevent unnecessary trip due to BHA component failure, which reduces the chance of being hurt for the crew members during tripping operations.

Health, operational safety, and environmental protection are of primary importance in our daily operations at AI Driller. This commitment is in the best interests of our customers, our employees and contractors, our investors and industry partners. Our team is dedicated to the principle that proactive accident prevention is an essential part of the successful planning and efficient execution.


Engineering Team

Worked together for over 5 years covering Drilling Operations in North America Land.

Set 3 World Drilling Records in US Land including “Mile a Day” achievement in Permian Basin.

Software Development

A unique mix of experience between Car Automation and Oil and Gas software.

Best-in-class mathematicians and programmers passionate about the industry and its challenges.

Advisors and Mentors

Extensive network of Mentors and Advisors within and outside of the Oil and Gas industry

Ongoing discussion with industry leaders in drilling automation domain.