Autonomous drilling. Data driven insights. Optimized rig fleet.

AI Driller integrates all your edge data into a closed-loop platform and provides you with real-time visibility into your performance. Our full suite of products leverages automation and machine learning to help you minimize human error, improve safety, and drive operational consistency across your rig fleet. From drilling automation and data visualization to rig fleet optimization – AI Driller will help you reach your digital oilfield full potential and give you the rig of the future, now.

By systematically working with the global leaders in drilling automation including drilling contractors, oil and gas operators, service companies, and control system providers, we are perfecting a full suite of drilling automation solutions. Our external advisory board, consisting of experts from leading global energy companies, plays a crucial role in assisting us to ensure the best value for our customers.

Health, operational safety, and environment protection are at the core of everything we do. Our team is dedicated to the principle that proactive accident prevention and risk monitoring is a critical component of any successful drilling program's planning and execution.

AI Driller’s safety goal is to continually decrease probability of human injuries and environmental incidents through proactive identification and prevention of drilling risks.  We will monitor potential hazards, e.g., equipment malfunctions, allowing your drilling crew to be more focused on operational safety. Based on emulator testing thus far, our Rotary and Sliding Assistant modules prevent unnecessary trips due to BHA component failure, thus decreasing the chance of crew member injury during tripping operations.


Engineering Team

Worked together for over 5 years covering Drilling Operations in North America Land.

Set 3 World Drilling Records in US Land including “Mile a Day” achievement in Permian Basin.

Software Development

A unique mix of experience between Car Automation and Oil and Gas software.

Best-in-class mathematicians and programmers passionate about the industry and its challenges.

Advisors and Mentors

Extensive network of Mentors and Advisors within and outside of the Oil and Gas industry

Ongoing discussion with industry leaders in drilling automation domain.